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Town twirlers on top form

(June 16, 2010)
A troupe of Warminster baton twirlers won silverware and returned with five rosettes as they took on the some of the finest troupes in the region on Sunday.
Led by just two teenagers with competition experience the baton1eleven debutantes in the Pink Starlettes brought shouts of approval and applause time after time at the all day event in Trowbridge.
"Our six twinkle stars performed the Lion King brilliantly," said co-troupe leader Penny Morton waiting for the results from the judges.
"Our juniors went on with it's raining men and singing in the rain. And I thought the pom-pom routine in the pee-wee section was a winner."
The weeks of hard work paid off as the judges agreed awarding them with the silver trophy for the novelty of that performance.
The troupe went on to win five individual rosettes and were given many words of encouragement by fellow competitors.
"I thought they were amazing as it was their first competition and they were only going there for the experience," said a baton2member of another troupe.
"It was so good that they were there winning things. They deserved it."
Coach Chrissie Stephens got a first for her pom-pom duet.
*Warminster teenager Debra Macdonald of Frome Fascination Twirlers (pictured right) won a first for 'T-strut' marching at the Southern Independent Twirlers Association event.

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