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Tree planting shows VFW ideas are taking root

(June 18, 2010)
A RETURN to the days when the approach roads to the town centre of Warminster were tree-lined took another step forward today.
treeplantTwo cherry tree hybrids and two hawthorn tree hybrids were planted today alongside the Boreham Road close to the junction with Woodcock Road.
It was a flaming morning in June when arborist Mark Woodman and his assistant James Swadlow arrived with the specially cultivated trees that should survive being planted at this time of year.
"I said how pleased I was to see them at work," said Paul Macdonald.
"I told them that I was one of the residents who had campaigned to see a return to look that existed years ago."
Paul is co-author of which has a chapter calling for a community makeover.
'Those who have lived in the town for many years will recall that Boreham Road used to have many more trees on its 'sunny side' that it does today....
'....We believe there should be a concerted effort to restore the beauty of this mile long road.'

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