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Octogenarian drummer sets the pace for band

(July 12, 2010)
It is in the eighties under the afternoon sun and the drummer is in his eighties as the noisy and fun climax to the Lakeside Pleasure Grounds final contribution to the week long Warminster Festival ended on an upbeat note.
The Warminster Brass Band led by director Mike Nunn bband2played to scores of music lovers on Sunday afternoon and it soon became a case of 'musical chairs' as half of the audience kept moving to follow the shade.
As the park vibrated to the lively tunes passers-by paused to enjoy the sight of the bandstand being used for its original purpose.
"It should have been the occasion to play 'Nice one Cyril - Nice one son' as the drummer is an octagenarian Cyril," Paul Macdonald told on-lookers.
One band member with her cornet created 'only the crumbliest, flakiest moment' in the coolest possible way as an ice-cream made an appearance.
The Brass Band meet each Monday evening at St. John's Church Hall and are always looking out for new members.
"We are looking at forming a junior band," explained Mike Nunn. "Anyone interested should call our secretary Pat Cutler on 215200."
The 14 musicians return again next week and the bandstand hosts visting bands on more Sundays sponsored by Warminster Town Council.

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