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Area board: Lack of interest mirrors lack of enterprise from cllrs

(September 05, 2010)
WILTSHIRE'S area board system has deservedly won plaudits from a number of quarters but those who run the things will be hoping any judges steer clear of the Warminster effort.
The one held on Thursday evening at Kingdown was an area bored with hardly any members of the public attending.
''Some people think that the Warminster public is apathetic but the 100 plus turnout at the assembly rooms meeting shows that when you involve people and catch their attention they get involved,'' said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
''The trouble is that the five unitary councillors we have in Warminster are not actually doing anything of note under the community leadership heading.
''I'm sure one or two are assiduously following up constituents' problems while others are swanning about the county as cabinet members but their community leadership role is missing.
''They should be bursting with ideas about how they improve life in the town and this enthusiasm would cascade down through the town and encourage people along to the boards.
''Can you imagine the boards being dull if John Syme or Paul Macdonald were members - while Mrs Main in her 70s would have been more dynamic than this lot and at least she knew Warminster.
''I really don't think we are getting our 90,000 pounds a year's worth at the moment from those elected.''
The only community  involvement at the board was the youth reaction to the new teen shelter in the park - a concept first promulgated here of course.
If you fancy attending another area board in Warminster then you'll have to wait until next year as the next two are taking ploace in our well heeled villages of Corsley and Chapmanslade.
Good luck in finding the village hall in Chappers though as it has the hardest to find hall in Wiltshire - and the county boundary is alleged to run through the ladies loo!

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