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Assembly Rooms consultation - risible rather than credible

(September 08, 2010)
COMMENT ON Town Council's Consultation by SD

The latest news from the town council regarding their consultation is somewhat perplexing to say the least.
We hear on the grapevine that 1,500 people are to be randomly selected to take to part as if the matter is akin to a Reader's Digest poll.
This we would expect to get a 20 per cent return - or 300 votes which is far fewer than voted in the poll. Then we also hear that questionnaires are also to be available from Dewey House from Friday? How does this work and how much weight will the collected questionnaires carry ? Will people take more than one? Is the consultation random or not?
I've never heard anything quite so amateurish - and to think we pay some of these councillors more than 25k a year for their expertise! No wonder the country has fallen on hard times.
If the exercise is supposed to be random  it isn't as having the questionnaires available during working hours skews things towards the older age group as those working, especially those who work away, will find it impossible to collect the forms.
The whole thing is a mess, statistically invalid and total nonsense. The view of the town expressed in the parish poll is clear - town councillors should be democrats and accept the will of the people.
If not you could find a second parish poll, more widely publicised and not rushed through by County Hall, asking the town whether it has confidence in the town council and asking term to resign.

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