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What does the future hold for local radio station

(September 19, 2010)
Andrew Murrison MP has entered the the Assembly Rooms controversy by signalling an interest which will prick the ears of town councillors about the plight of a sound radio station that could quickly faces waving goodbye to its future.
Warminster Community Radio has steadily grown from its humble beginnings in the loft of the Athenaeum to providing a new use to the former toilets at the Assembly Rooms.
It rivalled in the mind of some the use of the underground toilets at Bath as a night club.
"I am a supporter of WCR," says Paul Macdonald. "We are so lucky in our town having the Warminster Journal. If we could have our local radio station broadcasting daily as well brilliant!"
"It is really nice once a year to tune my car radio into their summer broadcast. I would like the opportunity to tune in more frequently to flick between them and my other local favourite Total Star."
The member of parliament has listened to an 'off the cuff' chat at an event in Warminster and has written to the Mayor of Warminster.
He reveals that Barry Mole, who is one of the original driving forces behind the former hospital radio, 'is worried that his station may not come out of the accommodation changes currently being discussed very well'.
The MP has entered the debate about the Assembly Rooms that has provoked public fury on their behalf.
'WCR is physically part of the Assembly Hall (now re-named Rooms) and naturally Barry seeks security for the station. if the hall is closed or its functions relocated'.
'He tells me that the station has invested £30,0000 in ducting which is not transportable.'
The letter written on the 3rd September adds, ''Furthermore, the success of his application for full licencing depends on a secure tenure of at least 5 years.'
'A decade and a half of solid community work is at risk with the future of an institution that is well-rooted in the town and would be sorely missed.'
"The radio station has been kicked in the teeth by Kingdown School," adds Paul. "Will it now be the turn of our town council?"

Steve Dancey adds: ''I can't say I tune into the radio very often and when I do is is always Radio Four - so I wouldn't miss WCR one little bit.

''While I fully recognise that others might do I would need to see some hard evidence from them re listenership before providing them with any financial assistance in the future.

''I know a lot of people in Warminster but Paul is the only person I know who ever listens to them!''

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