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Megaloan to be decided in microhall as cllrs cram out public

(October 05, 2010)
Only a tiny minority of those who voted in the very first parish poll to be held in Warminster will be able to sit in and listen to the town council discuss the results of their first 'random' consultation about the 'Assembly Hall megaloan' idea.
 "I do not know which 'F' word to use this time," says former councillor Paul Macdonald. "Farce or fiasco."
dangermouse "I am told that the town council will be holding an extraordinary meeting to discuss the response to their questionnaire in the chamber at Dewey House."
 The meeting time and place has been chosen just as both the Assembly Hall and hall at the town council home are unavailable.
 "As a full council meeting it is open to the public. Both Steve and myself have long argued that full council meetings should be held in the public hall at Dewey House where there is room for scores of people.
 "What game is being played with the future of Warminster now? A Thursday evening meeting is almost unprecedented for the town council.
 "How about supporting the Ath if it has to be held on October 21st? Surely someone on the town council has the sense to realise that public interest requires them to treat the residents with more respect?
Steve Dancey added: ''It sounds to me as if the town council is running scared of the public after councillors were found wanting at two previous public meetings on this subject.
''They had better change this venue or there will be huge public disquiet.''
VFW will be contacting the principal authority to see whether any action can be taken to force them to hold the meeting elsewhere.

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