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Last greengrocer shuts up shop

(October 07, 2010)
WHILE many will be licking their wealthy lips at the arrival of Waitrose in Warminster many of the town's older and poorer inhabitants will be anxious to learn that our last remaining greengrocer closed it doors today.
A notice at the front of the Stokes' store in the Mall says 'closed until further notice'.
''My information is that staff at the shop turned up for work as usual this morning only to receive a phone call telling them to close the shop,'' said Steve Dancey of VFW.
''If this closure is permanent then it is a very sad day for the town as it will mark the end of an era. We will no longer have a traditional greengrocer in the town.
''In future those who don't grow their own or have transport will be forced to shop in a supermarket for the first time.
''I'm surprised Stokes have shut as they were doing quite a good trade it appeared and attracted a large number of people to the Three Horseshoes.
''Other businesses in the area could be hit by a reduction in footfall.''

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