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New venue for crunch Assembly Hall decision meeting

(October 12, 2010)
A dispute that is increasingly pitting a beleaguered town council against its residents took another twist with the battleground being moved to a new venue and date and a 'call not to arms but feet'.
Warminster Town Council want to present the results of its random consultation about plans to spend 'megabucks' on their Assembly Rooms project. It cost them one pound to start a handful of years ago.
"I am pleased they have bowed to widespread concern from all sorts of directions about their original meeting decision," says Paul Macdonald
"We have to get this right and do it in the right manner. If the new approach is to hold extraordinary meetings for issues that upset the community then they have got it right.
The town council provoked another furore (which left Paul not knowing which f-word to use - fiasco or farce) with their decision to hastily hold a meeting on Thursday week with just 13 seats available to the public.
"Using proper procedures Steve Dancey, Alan Shepherd, myself and others too many to name called a parish poll about this issue," claims Paul.
"The result was marred by the fact that somehow the local authority system mucked up publicity but nonetheless the result was clear."
The town council will now face the public without getting the relevant committee to produce a report (see hot topics - October 11th) and then rely on the outcome of a crucial decision.
"I now call on all those who said yes or no in the parish poll, and others who missed out, to attend the the latest meeting about this to 'vote with their feet' and attend.
"I suggest the Ayes to the right. The noes to the left as we are being accused of being political. I know many who have represented the Tories in the past will be on the left!"

*An Extraordinary meeting of the Town Council will be held by the Mayor Cllr. Fraser on Tuesday 26th October at Warminster Assembly Hall. The agenda will be issued on the 19th and will be posted outside Dewey House.

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