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'Amazed they have got things this wrong' says Paul

(October 28, 2010)
'BUNGLING Warminster Town Council will almost certainly face the threat of a judicial review if it continues its current course over the Assembly Hall' is backed by another seasoned community politician.
"Steve is quite right to challenge this as I was amazed that at this late stage our town council could have got this so wrong especially as they knew they were under so much public scrutiny," adds Paul Macdonald
"This is the very last chance for the town council according to them to take a new approach and listen to those of us that in turn listen to the public.
"They told us on Tuesday that an 'engage leaflet' and people attending a Mayoral day along with their 'random' widely discredited postal questionnaire takes them forward.
"Then VAT raised its ugly head!"
"I ask them to take a step backwards after their three years talking about this and actually consider what is the purpose today of the Assembly Hallcompared with the year 2007?
"We need a cash-flow analysis and an answer to the question - what will be the future cash-flow?"
Paul served on the council in the early 1990s which produced imaginative answers facing the blighted Crusader Park project and the future of Warminster Town Football Club.
"As so many of those that take an interest and are increasingly taking an interest in what is going on would like to have a say I invite the town council to set up a shadow council to meet on a Friday evening prior to their meetings," says Paul.
"As one independent commentator (but self-confessed Tory) on civic affairs in the town ( has already asked should the town find a way to call for a vote of confidence in the town council?
"As they are so out of touch and have more than two years that they voted themselves to go on perhaps they will even actively pursue our call in our vision for Warminster for a youth council?" adds Paul
"I love listening to the ideas that young people come up with and then discard my 'impractical' reaction and think 'that could work here with ab bit of tinkering'.
"I still feel the influence you my radical youth."

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