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Hot snippets - DSG - Play area - Pink dog dirt

(November 05, 2010)
DSG (ABRO) When the government announced its strategic defence review it did not realise that visionforwarminster would be closely scrutinising it on behalf of the town (hot topics 22nd October).
 That day co-author Paul Macdonald met MP Andrew Murrison to make representations. The MP had not been informed of the decision by his own government minister that DSG which is an important employer in the town is up for sale.
 "I said that we would be looking to him to take a very active interest as this could well be a major opportunity to promote the town and the land that is available to any new owner to actually create important job opportunities," explains Paul.
 "What could be a better place for people to work and live as the army is totally reconsidering its role and needs for civilian support organisations?"
 The MP is now actively involved having received a reply from the defence minister which makes no reference to the sale but does talk about job losses.
Play Area Go-Ahead The Clock is now ticking as the new play equipment for Queensway worth £50,000 has once again been given the go-ahead (see hot topics - latest October 23rd with others).
 "I was so pleased this week that we have been given the thumbs-up," said Paul Macdonald who has doggedly championed the idea.
 Having lobbied the MP and working with Cllr. Pip Ridout (Friends of Warminster Park) Paul will now have his work cut out.
 "We now have to do in three weeks what my original plan of three months local discussion and consultation originally agreed with county hall would have allowed," adds Paul.
 "Having had so many chats with local people we have a strong draft plan on the drawing board which has a zip-wire requested by almost all children and the sort of swings for older children that residents like Maureen Hiscock have asked for."
Pink Faeces or Red Faces A councillor inspired initiative now appears to be like a dog chasing it's own tail as the leash is being used to bring them into step.
'COUNCILLORS in Warminster who have a pet hate have convinced a senior Wiltshire Council member to set-up a task group making the town a pilot area to tackle something the public are not whinging about to them.' (see hot topics August 4th).
"I attended the start of that meeting about an unconnected issue in the hope that this would be about responding to a view that Steve and I have as co-authors of visionforwarminster that we need Civic Pride restored," responds Paul Macdonald.
Wiltshire Councillor Humphries working group (recently re-named WEPT) is now facing the challenge of the Warminster area board backroom staff about premature publicity stunts including luminous spray (see Warminster Web).
"As this has the support of a cabinet member then perhaps with his efforts the money, £145,000, which could be found to back the Assembly Hall fiasco could also be found for our less frivolous civic pride ideas."
Steve Dancey adds: "Other areas had talked about this in Wilts only to dismiss it as nonsense - shows what we have to put up with here!"

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