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Town council wanted £600 to stage ex-mayor's 6oth birthday bash

(November 06, 2010)
Warminster town com.confused was one public reaction today as the townsfolk react to the latest about the future of the Assembly Hall.
"There are many of us who may be weary about this near thousand day long saga," says Paul Macdonald. "I now tell those that ask me 'Warminster town com.confused' as a kindness."
"I repeat the call that we need a clear cash-flow analysis for this community owned property before any more decisions are tak eafter speaking to a former mayor about her experience."
May Law was hoping to hold a birthday bash at Assembly Hall. It was a special one - her sixtieth.
"I support Paul in his call for a financiall responsible approach to tackling the issue," says former Mayor May.
"I was forced to give up with idea of supporting the town council with my custom when I worked out the bill.
"I was so cross that I would need to find £600 after my friends and family said I ought have a big bash for my sixtieth birthday party there.
"I went to the Masons Arms where they bent over backwards to help including building a disabled ramp.
"If I am lucky a future council will get this right for my next big one hopefully at the Assembly Hall if I am still around!"
"The council are addressing issues they have to but then forgetting to answer the question. How much can ordinary Warminster people and organisations afford to pay?" concludes Paul.
"And why does it not attract major functions like those held eight miles away at Frome."
*Another former Mayor Richard Phillips has told Paul that he wants to have his thoughts publishe

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