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Two Tory councillors voice opposition to spending megabucks

(December 03, 2010)
Two Conservative councillors have come out of the shadows to take up the challenge to Warminster town council that wants to spend 'megabucks' on a project that the public have voted a wasteful 'white elephant'.
In a letter to the Warminster Journal published today Cllr. Pip Ridout and Cllr. Rob Fryer have thrown a potential major spanner in the planned works due to start this month.
Using similar arguments that the public campaign launched by co-authors Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald have put forward the 'democratic duo' face the wrath of their colleagues.
Warminster Town Council has been under immense pressure over the disputed £1million restoration on the Assembly Hall and largely ignored the first ever 'parish poll' result (see hot topics).
The public fear that with no future income and expenditure figures it will be a huge waste of money and now widely accuse the town council of 'arrogance' in correspondence to the local paper.
"I urge the public to get hold of a copy of the Warminster Journal," says Paul Macdonald. "They need to read the letter if full.
"I am impressed by the search for joined up thinking that has at last appeared amongst the 11-1 ruling group on the town council and has now been publically published without the need to declare an interest.
"This democratic duo are now on the same wavelength as us the public as they highlight that there are so many potboilers going on.
"I hope this will lead to a town appraisal that in my 'A' level Economic days will then lead to supply meeting demand!"
*The town council have not yet published the minutes of the full council meeting held in November that voted to go ahead with the enhanced refurbishment of the Assembly Hall.

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