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Christmas car parking - 'the facts' acording to the town council

(December 10, 2010)
A town council in control of a cash-guzzling Assembly Hall 'white elephant' must be more vigilant in protecting its local shopkeepers says the co-author of a website that in 2008 drew up a positive way forward for Warminster.
"Just a few days after their positive contribution to the festive shopping on offer in our town with the very good Christmas Lights switch on I ended up boycotting one of their meetings," explains former councillor Paul Macdonald.
"I was delighted when they responded to my request to look into the free car parking offers to Christmas shoppers elsewhere."
The chairman of the Town Development Committee Cllr. Tony Nicklin added it as an urgent item to their Monday meeting.
"I then read that they considered that... 'the facts, after investigation, are The Shires in Trowbridge are offering parking between 6-8pm on Thursday and Friday evenings.
"They added that... 'Wiltshire Council have advised there is no change to the costs of the park and ride schemes and not other market towns have any further concession in place'."
Wiltshire Council issued a press release declaring 'Visitors to Salisbury can enjoy free use of the park and ride service over the festive season, and the sites will also open late when the Christmas lights are switched on.' on the 12th November.
Frome is offering mid afternoon choice widely reported through the news media. All over the country shoppers are being attracted by similar offers.
"Once I read 'the facts' in the report accompanying the agenda paper I threw up my hands in surrender," said Paul of the website.
"I was going to propose an offer of a few hours free parking after 9am to encourage locals to check us out first before being enticed by the huge attraction of Trowbridge, Salisbury and others.
"I also hoped that it may encourage others to check out our town on the way to those others. We have so much to offer and such a friendly set of shops!"
*Warminster Journal took an interest in this after attending the meeting and asked Paul for his comments.

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