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Warminster Council - stripped of dignity and legitimacy, clinging to power

(January 16, 2011)
The co-author of one of the most popular websites in Warminster is to warn townsfolk that the growing crisis in confidence in the town council as dozens of important decisions om spending is now 'dangerous' to local democracy.
"Every week I am approached by scores of concerned residents from all sorts of backgrounds," says Paul Macdonald.
Paul, working alongside Steve Dancey and now supported by many others, have drawn up a 'vision' for taking the town forward.
The former councillor will say next week that the current town council has had its go and needs to put itself under the elctoral 'cosh' or bring out their standard bearers.
"There has been a long established tradition that councillors serve for four years and then we the people give our verdict," says Paul.
"One of the main things in democracy is that it has attracted fresh blood but in our town there will not be any freshness until May 2013.
"Six years without scrutiny. Tell me how this is dignified. They need to face the cosh or the flag-waving this year for what they have done."
The town council took advantage of the creation of the Wiltshire 'unitary' Council to give themselves extra years at the helm to have their elections on the same day as the 'mega-authority'.
"A big mistake in my view," adds Paul. "The future of the town council should be decided on parochial issues.
"Not swamped by those that turn out for major votes or national media coverage of 'mega-authority' elections.
"And if they are concerned about the cost of holding elections in May this year how much have they spent on consultants last year.
"The biggest consultancy is the electorate!"

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