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Challenge - Big Society, localism prove that it's not all cobblers

(January 18, 2011)

A week ago Cllr. Scott as Tory leader of Wiltshire Council with the PM David Cameron issued a press release having 'discussed' the Government’s localism proposal to give more power to councillors and residents.

"It was about 'Big Society' and claims to strengthen local democracy by handing new powers down to councils establishing powerful new rights for local people," comments Paul Macdonald.

"But was the real agenda 'big brother'?"

It adds overhauling the planning system, as well as making housing decisions fairer, and supporting local businesses. "What a load of old cobblers," says Paul Macdonald. "The fact is there is no decision making released by this so-called coalition government. It has been handed down authority in almost no way to Wiltshire Council.

"In fact my fear is that local planners will now have nothing to fall back on to look after our interests."

Mrs Scott said: “It was an honour to visit Downing Street and to meet with the Prime Minister to discuss the positive changes the Government are making to the way local councils are run.

She added: "By putting an end to the hoarding of power within central government and the top-down control of communities, it will allow local people the freedom to run their lives and neighbourhoods in their own way.”

Paul Macdonald says: "The councillor may have enjoyed the kudos but does anyone believe this!"

 "I challenge Jane Scott to demonstrate in the next six months one major achievement - not a publicity stunt -and one major decision in our town that helped us."

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