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Town Council and its cronies out of step with the community

(February 15, 2011)
THE Warminster Journal has seen its letters column dominated time after time for two years by positive comments about the actions of two widely respected champions of the town.
But they are now accused of being 'defunct, spent and rejected' in the ''our readers' views' column also of being 'flawed'.
In the Journal this week a correspondent argues that that the 'flaw with defunct councillors is their inability gracefully accept their rejection'.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald, co-authors of, are being accused of being a 'spent force' having decided to promote their town though the internationally read internet two years ago.
They made the lynch-pin of their campaigning the future of the town hall but they have upset the town council and their 'cronies' by calling into question the 'megaloan' proposal to do up the Assembly Hall.
"Would you like me to write to the Warminster Journal," said former Liberal Mayor May Law.
"I would write that if the current councillors do not like the heat of being in the kitchen then they should not be there!
"The one person writing in their support should recognise that the refreshing thing is that now there is a proper look at what our town council is up to."
The visionforwarminster website has seen over 4,000 visits in January alone - a new record for  month.
Riding Roughshod
Another well-read website written by a self-confessed Tory supporter  has published a reminder.
'I repeat Warminster Town Councillor Pip Ridout's request to me that "You could make sure in all your articles you mention that Rob Fryer, Paul Batchelor,Chris March and myself are all opposed to the borrowing for ARooms - the four of us seem to be lumped together as councillors who are riding roughshod,acting irresponsibly whereas only 8 are.' states this week.
"I would quite happily sign a letter to support your view on the Assembly Rooms," offered former Conservavtive Mayor Richard Phillips before the latest diatribe from the 'L.Bohana' letter to the Warminster Journal.
"The Assembly Hall decisions by the town council are totally irresponsible. I am sorry that I have been too lazy to do anything about this.
More power to you arm!"
He repeated the offer to Steve Dancey after the latest of the 'Bohana Letters'' as they are becoming known were published.
"I have written very few letters to the Journal about our views and have issued almost no press releases about our campaigns," adds Paul Macdonald.
"But I have listened to the views of not only May Law and Richard Phillips about the future of the town but as importantly many others and we need to stand behind the community."
*The Warminster Journal is the 'must read' parochial newspaper which is also sent internationally by post and reports alongside the Wiltshire Times and Western Daily Press.

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