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'Who's the Snitch' - Nicklin annoyed that the public knows something

(February 24, 2011)
ACCORDING to the local website Warminster Web the fact that the public is being allowed to know a few unpleasant truths about our less than delightful town council isn't going down too well with Tony Nicklin.
Enraged by the amount of information seeping out to the public he has demanded to know 'Who is the snitch'.
Says it all really. You, the people who pay for the council shouldn't be told too much - only the Illuminati should know.
The matter revolved around news that a new post at the council was advertised at the cost of 1,000 pounds then filled by someone who was 'known' to town clerk Heather Abernathie.
''Strange that - she was appointed clerk and she was  herself 'known' to the previous postholder,'' said Steve Dancey.
''That must be the way they like to do it at WTC.
''I think it is time we had a full review of the post of town clerk, which commands a salary of around 50k a year - perhaps looking at ways of sharing a clerk with another nearby town council, thereby halving the cost and getting better value for money.
''There is no need to have such a highly paid individual on station 37 hours a week to run a parish council.
''Some borough councils have already gone down this route and it will be something I will be advocating in the fullness of time.''

NB  We are not privy to the exact salary of the town clerk but when the post of clerk to Blandford Forum, which has an identical population to Warminster, was advertised last year the salary scale was 47 - 53k a year. It seems the more powers and staff and buildings under your control the more the clerk is paid.
Folkestone also Pays 50k a year although Melksham is advertising at between 33K and 36K - although unlike warinster it is not a 'quality council' which no doubt warrants a plussage.

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