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MP joins chorus demanding Albion House should stay

(March 03, 2011)
PERSIMMON Homes is now battling with a Member of Parliament as well as the townspeople of Warminster over plans to destroy Albion House.
Their perceived betrayal at their latest Victoria Road backland site has seen street protests for the first time in over a decade.
Dr. Andrew Murrison MP has sharply rejected the 'inadequate' reply to his representations.
'The logic of it would lead us to demolish half of Warminster and replace it with your factory built units.' argues Dr. Murrison in a letter to the group chief executive of the house-builders.
'Whilst this might well improve your bottom line it would do little for the town,' he argues reflecting the sentiments of councillors past and present.
The also have three other complaints against the developer (see hot topics).
'Finally, you pray in aid of others who will embrace the positive benefits you have outlined. I have yet to hear from any of them,' the MP tells Mike Farley in no uncertain terms.
The campaign to save the house that is known locally as the 'home of the egg man' has been spearheaded by local councillor Pip Ridout supported by co-authors Paul and Steve.
"I spoke at the council meeting that rejected the planning application and my key argument about the look of the street scene being paramount was accepted and the planning application thrown out," says former planning councillor Paul Macdonald.
"I am absolutely delighted that the MP is adding this to his busy caseload."
Then the plans were approved on appeal to the disgust of former ward member Steve Dancey.
He has organised a 'Don't buy here' street protest campaign.

''Persimmon have achieved one remarkable feat in that they have united the whole town against them,'' he said.

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