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No money to be made from Town Hall

(April 17, 2011)

“Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.''

That statement rings as true today as when first made by Edmund Burke two centuries ago and it is particularly true in relation to Warminster's Town Hall - sometimes called 'old Town Hall'.
Any businessman, seeing the seemingly cheap price of the magnificent building, should bear a few things in mind before he even thinks about bidding because the local community is totally fed up with seeing this building left to rot - and won't tolerate it any longer.


The asking price and hammer price is low for a reason. The amount of money required to get the building up to standard and in regular use is huge.
Any business that takes it on will have to generate a similarly huge trading profit to make any return on an investment.
Community use however will be able tap into a very wide range of grants to finance this work and such is the goodwill towards the idea of the building being used by the community that the body being set up to run it will benefit from hundreds of hours of free labour and volunteering.


VFW has taken a significant interest in the building since we started in 2008 and this will continue.
''I can promise any potential buyer that if they mistakenly take on this building with a view to making a fast buck they will have unlocked a Pandora's box of problems and issues that will make them wish that they have never heard of Warminster Town Hall,'' said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
''Any new buyer will be made to take note of their responsibilities in the field of public health in relation to the pigeon problem and their responsibilities regarding the upkeep of this highly important listed building.
''If Wiltshire Council's officials don't do their jobs properly in relation to either of these two matters I will be on their backs in a big way - and after more than a quarter of a century involved in such activities I know which buttons to press and levers to pull in government to make life very tough.''
So if you have a legitimate use for the building and have the cash in the bank, a plan to really use the building well and will meet your obligations - Happy Bidding when the building comes up for auction. Oherwise caveat emptor buyer beware as history tells us there is no money to be made from this building.

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