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Beer experts boost Warminster pub

(May 07, 2011)
EXPERT beer quaffers from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have decided that a Warminster pub sells the best kept beer for miles around.
The group has just informed the landlord of The Fox and Hounds, Chris Pitcher, that he has been chosen as the Bath and Borders best country pub of the year.
''I'm very pleased about this as being CAMRA it is all about the quality of the beer,'' he said.
''We won the same award from the Salisbury branch in the 1990s when Marion and I were at The Pelican in Stapleford.''
The good news is compounded by the fact that the beer, usually priced at 2.70 a pint,  means the Fox is one of the less expensive places in town to drink.
VFW's Steve Dancey added: ''It hasn't been an easy few months for Chris and his family as he was in intensive care at Frenchay Hospital suffering from swine flu and has been recovering since the New Year.
''Beer is a difficult product to keep properly but I can honestly say that in the seven years Chris has been at the Fox I've never been served a bad pint - which considering the number I've downed in that time - is quite a record.''

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