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Parking: Scheme starts but why the wait?

(June 02, 2011)
THE discount parking scheme has been brought in  in Warminster, in a bid to beat the effect of increased car parking charges on trade - but why the wait?
The special tickets have still not been issued so it could have come in weeks ago rather than last week as the shopkeepers were willing.
The Warminster Parking Partnership will see  several shops reimburse customers shoppers for their 40p first hour of parking, thanks to a £24,000 subsidy from the town council.
''I wish the scheme well but it seems to have gone of a bit half-cock,'' said Steve Dancey.
Former deputy mayor Paul Macdonald has already had his first 40p's worth of parking last Saturday as the Cornmarket Cafe is one of the establisments honouring the scheme.
(The cafe is a regular haunt of VFW on Saturday morning).The scheme, with special tear-off tickets, was due to start in late June/July.
Shoppers can get the refund by handing in a tear-off portion of their parking tickets.
Few people seem to be using the council car parks at the moment - so it WC covering the costs - we doubt it but we'll check with a FoI request later this year.
Pictured below - an April ticket with the tear off strip clearly visible.

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