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10 pin bowling heading for FOCUS site

(August 02, 2011)
READERS may recall that when Woolworth's became vacant a couple of years ago there was a suggestion that it might become a 10-pin bowling alley.
Having such a facility in such a prime location high street shop was a nonsense but now a new plan has been hatched to provide a bowling alley at another defunct store building - the former Focus building at Fairfield Road.
Former district councillor Michael Mounde has told a sub-group of the town's community area partnership that an investigation into the idea is already under way.
Such an idea could have some mileage as there is parking and few local residents for users to annoy when the bowlers tip up late in the evening.
No doubt the bean-counters or accountants will have the final say, but such a facility could be combined with other things to make it more of a commercial viability.

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