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Crazy parking meter for just four places!!!

(August 06, 2011)
AFTER Two years of Wiltshire Council VFW's Paul Macdonald is asking why do they keep getting things so wrong in Warmnster.
"Two years ago the unitary Wiltshire Council was created promising an exciting opportunity to Warminster Town Council and surrounding parish councils to promote their views," said Paul Macdonald.
Wiltshire Council runs an area board  representing the needs of the Warminster area. They have elected councillors paid at highly professional rates half way through their term of office.
"They have now had two years and as an example what genius authorised this?" asks former deputy mayor Paul Macdonald looking at the parking meter at the Furlong fourspaces (photo).
"The problem is that as our Wiltshire reps are both town councillors and County members so which do they regard is more important to them?
"Their allegiance to their county masters and in one case cabinet responsibility or perhaps their local knowledge which could point out a farce before it occurs.
Paul has often used the parking area off Fairfield Road to pop into the one-stop in Imber Road using one of the ten spaces that were then available.  Now there only four regulated by a highly expensive parking meter.
"Who else thinks that Wiltshire Council members have got things wrong?," says Paul. "Once again councillors Andrew Davis and Keith Humphries have left me almost lost for words."
"They have spent thousands on a parking meter and provided just four spaces," explains Paul. "And now they are not even confessing that they have mucked things up!
"Where were they when this madness at The Furlong was being agreed?" asks Paul.
"Did either of them stand up for the town about the car parking charges as either area board chairman or in cabinet. I think not. They need to take a long look at themselves and ask what is their responsibility in the future.
"Throw a spanner in the works or use a shovel to dig another hole for themselves!"

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