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INQUEST: Lethal pigeon mess exposes failing council and greedy Allied Irish Bank

(August 19, 2011)
AN INQUEST in Southampton has revealed just how big a threat the pigeon droppings outside Warminster Town Hall are to public health.
The inquest found that a 54-year-old prison officer at Winchester prison died as a result of exposure to pigeon droppings which were left by birds prisoners treated as 'pets'. He contracted a virulent condition known commonly as 'bird fancier's lung'. (Click here for the report.)
The death needs to register in a number of quarters including the Allied Irish Bank which effectively controls the destiny of Warminster Town Hall, the receivers and Wiltshire Council which has failed abysmally to protect public health in Warminster -  they pigeon surely would have acted if the building was in twee Bradford-on-Avon, Corsham or Marlborough.
The disgusting mess outside the building is not only unsightly, an eyesore but also a significant health hazard and potentially massive liability for these organisations.
Former county councillor Steve Dancey said: ''Whoever is responsible for this mess had better get their skates on and sort it out or who knows where it will lead as public health is a hugely serious business - too serious for some of the clowns who currently represent us on councils it seems.
''I've cleaned up lots of pigeon mess as part of the WETS team but won't be going near it again after reading about this - nor should the town street cleaner who has been seen trying gamely to deal with the mess on the pavement but without the use of a mask.
''Wiltshire Council needs to act and force whoever is responsible for the building to do what is necessary not simply send the odd letter - WE NEED and DEMAND action.
''While this disease is not well known it has already struck down a well-known Warminster resident. The late Lenny Smith, who was a lifelong resident of the Common area of Warminster, former Geest employee and Bristol City fan,  died around five years ago precisely of this condition acquired from pigeons.
''These are dangerous birds and need to be dealt with now - otherwise Wiltshire Council, its highly paid officers and fatheaded councillors are demonstrably failing in their duty to us.
''I'm genuinely angry with them but mostly with greedy bankers at Allied Irish who sit back and allow our residents to be put at risk from these birds.''

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