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Bohanna letter - something more from the 'Bard of Boreham' Bohanna The Birdie Song

(September 18, 2011)
Earlier this year the famous 'Bard of Boreham' sent us a piece about the Assembly Rooms. He has cast his eyes upwards again and sent us this piece in response to Paul's letter in the Warminster Journal on Friday about the Bohana letters.

'Ah! the Bohana letters! The origin of these mysterious manifestations has long been a source of puzzlement to me - such a hotch-potch of very ill-considered epistles with an enduring tendency not to ring true.
The astute naming by Paul Macdonald of this intriguing source prompted me to turn to that unfailing authority on my shelves - Bultitude's fascinating volume: 'Wondrous Mythical Creatures of the World', where I found this most informative entry and wondered whether they may be related - Bohanna. n: A creature much given to inhabiting the undergrowth and emerging on occasion to repeatedly regurgitate other birds' songs. Its left wing has long become somewhat atrophied, so the creature can only flap around anti-clockwise in weird circles.'
Its distinctive song helpfully lends itself to the fitting of these stirring words:

Sing Hosanna,
I'm Bohanna
I just spin other Birdies' Songs,
Shout bananas
Spin Bohanna's
It's my party right or wrong

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