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Councillors should 'stand by your plan'

(September 18, 2011)

After all the knee-jerk negative rejections that Town Hall campaigners have suffered one of them is still offering a council the chance to start re-building the shattered confidence in their leadership in a letter to the local paper.
'The Warminster Journal headline 'Town Hall Has Been Sold' did not continue with the words 'Down The River By Council' as the story underneath had an upbeat report.,' wrote Paul Macdonald this week.  'It reports Devo Developments being 'completely open about what the building will be used for' and 'asking for people's views'.
Paul Macdonald along with Steve Dancey launched their campaign over three years ago at the same time as they started writing
'Warminster Town Council is held in widespread contempt by many local people and is relying on the 'Bohana Letters' to defend its actions in the local press,' the letter goes on.
'I now challenge our Council to stick by all the years work councillors have put into their town plan.They have concluded they need to 'undertake (a) feasibility study for the old Town Hall site'.
'Nowhere since this all began 2005 does it mention a housing use. But the town plan does talk about all the uses it has been put to before.
'How opportune is this? They do this study winning back some public respect with a new owner no longer supposedly standing in the wings but seemingly willing to put it into practice.
'As a 'True Blue' (football fan) I will personally lead the chant 'dee-vo! dee-vo! dee-e-vee-o! from our historic local terraces and modern semis if they fufill together our local wishes. This most important landmark building restored to the highest standards for community use,' the letter concludes.
*Warminster Web reports that Bristol based Devo Developments will be at the full town council meeting on Monday 19th September.

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