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Town council promoting The Ath ahead of other causes

(October 03, 2011)
Voting is under way in Warminster and there are three worthy candidates visionforwarminster has discovered.
Portway based Wessex MS Therapy Centre and Warminster shopmo Shopmobility supporters are taking on the town council favoured Athenaeum Theatre to get enough mouse clicks to win a competition to get community funding from a major bank.
NatWest have a local funding scheme and Warminster is in the Salisbury catchment area on the website.
Voting closes on October 23rd.
 Warminster Shopmobility Chairman Sarah Bartlett joined by her husband David  and fellow committee member George Jolley fundraising in the Three Horseshoes Mall last week.
They explained their hope to get the cash as they also revealed that they have now introduced a new offer of just £2 to hire an electric scooter for one hour.
This potential £6,000 award has once again brought the town council under the scrutiny of which reveals that going to their website shows them concentrating on the Athenaeum Theatre bid.
Warminster Web asks 'whether this has anything to do with the fact that the Athenaeum has four councillors and one wife of a councillor who are Athenaeum trustees'.

Quite possibly!!.

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