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Big Bucks councillors could earn their keep as volunteers

(October 09, 2011)
WILTSHIRE Council believes that volunteers will keep their services running but who better than their own well-paid elected councillors enthusiastically accept this role in county libraries that are on the hit list as they still extract 'mega-pay' from their local authority.
"Increasingly discredited Wiltshire councillors now are paid more than most full-time library staff, and ordinary Warminster shop workers earn a week just to pontificate under the behest of their council leader," argues former town councillor Paul Macdonald.
"They made a public appeal for volunteers to help run the library service," complains Paul. "I cannot believe that they spend 40 hours a week earning their pay so how about they turn up at Warminster Library to help.
"Of couse that would then put them directly in contact with those they represent which may be a shock to the system so I do not hold out any hope that they will back their decisions and actually muck in!"
Paul is co-author of and a former councillor who sacrificed much for a pittance in expenses.
"I remember being a councillor in the 1990s at the same time as raising a family and holding down a full time job which with travelling usually saw me serving my community after a sixty hour week,"  adds Paul.
"Many of my fellow town councillors were in the same position but we did a bloody good job without taking us into the red. It was only a small amount at the time but each month I was out of pocket.
"Now we see our local Wiltshire Councillors sacking officers because they are in the red and our town council putting us and our children and grandchildren in hock for their arrogant ignoring of the 'Ass Hall' parish poll."

Steve Dancey said: ''I agree. One councillor I know has told me that the job is now easier since it all went unitary as there are fewer meetings to attend and a smaller geographical area to oversee.''
*Warminster Town Council are currently facing criticism for their alleged biased support of ''The Athenaeum  and Wiltshire Councilor payments have once again been revealed.

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