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Spare a thought, and some loose change, for charity workers

(November 05, 2011)
My name is Dexter and I was found straying in Warminster and I need a home is one of those stories that immediately challenges us to remember that while we may be working like a dog to put the world to rights we also need to think about another favourite four-legged friend.
  "Today I supported a local who had set up stall with others in the Three Horseshoes Mall from my pocket money kitty for their cat charity," says Paul Macdonald. 
  "I chucked loose change into their collecting can as I walked by but as my mind was on other things I did not pay attention to their cause."
  Paul almost got home and then thought about the town crier there giving his catpic time for free and went back to look again.
  "Their fundraising second time around was  explained by their need to find a home for their latest furry friends in their care."
  The town centre's latest colourful attraction got an unwanted 'pigeon post from above' on their tables as they chatted to passers-by about their good cause but they quickly brushed that aside to promote their local charitable work.
"I got my lovely cat from this charity and I was really excited at helping out and would love to help them find a home for more of their cats." said local Warminster supporter Suzie Kitley (pic).
  *For more this is their email [email protected]. where you can find out more about Dexter and his two dozen feline friends catnapping hopefully with locals human carers soon," adds Paul.
  "Remember that if it was not for Sandra Major giving so much time to the Warminster Carnival all the way through to Suzie Kitley doing her part today Warminster would be much poorer place to live!"

Photo - Suzie Kitley (centre) with Diana Simmons and Julia Jory.

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