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Are they Dim?

(November 09, 2011)

WILTSHIRE Council has again failed to take heed of the dire warnings about the future of their smaller market towns and refused to change their failed policy on car parking charges.
The existing policy fails to bring in additional revenue, compounds town centres' problems caused by the recession, internet and supermarket competition and causes considerable bitterness round the county.
''I can't help thinking that the modern Tory councillors at County Hall are JUST a bit THICK!'' said former County Hall councillor Steve Dancey.
''When I was there we had a former professor of economics, a managing director of SCATS, a future MP, many very senior Army officers (retired), large landowners and retired head-teachers.
''They would listen and tell the then leader Peter Chalk when he was going wrong.
''Now all we seem to have is the blinkered, arrogant, out of touch and mostly toadies to political parties - afraid to rock the boat in case they lose allowances.
''I think the massive increase in allowances has attracted the wrong sort of person.
"It doesn't bode well for the future although the Localism Act does give te power to councils to bring back the committee system which would give back-benchers a role again and attract more [email protected]
WE have already advised they should google 'price elasticity of demand - wiki' to see why their silly plans have failed.
"So Wiltshire Council according to their spin doctors 'are encouraging more people to use shops' when we all know that they have tried to milk the cash cow that has less and less grass to feed on," complains Warminster resident Paul Macdonald.
"Guess what? Their press release mentions Chippenham twice, Trowbridge twice, and Salisbury six times! Shall I bore you with the list of those businesses in unfavoured market towns that need a much bigger thumbs-up?"
"Warminster traders are quite clearly not even in the running," argues Paul.
"Shame on them for forgetting this is a rural county. I have started my journal for the 2013 election. I urge the public to do the same."

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