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Election campaign on wheels!

(November 22, 2011)

PAUL Macdonald's election machine is chugging along very nicely in the Warminster east by-election with enthusiastic residents  coming up with new ways of showing support.

In addition to the house posters that have been springing up in the past couple of days we have some car stickers but also some more novel campaign poster sites.

At least one disability scooter in the ward is now sporting a car sticker while others have used their bike shopping basket as  somewhere to display their support.

Ultimately there's only one thing that counts and that is the vote on Thursday when people living in the eastern half of the town have the opportunity to cast their vote and to return their verdict on the arrogant and anti-democratic behaviour of Warminster Town Council in recent years.

Judged by one of our oldest residents as 'THE WORST COUNCIL IN LIVING MEMORY'

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