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HM The Queen dragged into Assembly Rooms fiasco

(February 01, 2012)
WARMINSTER Town Council is so desperate to gain some kind of recognition for its historic blunder at Tirana House (the Civic Centre) that it has enlisted the Queen's representative for the opening ceremony on 14 February.
The opening of the unwanted, unloved and democratically rejected building will be one of the first appointments for the newly installed Lord Lieutenant Mrs Sarah Rose Troughton.
  She is a relative of the Queen through her Bowes-Lyon lineage.
Steve Dancey, said: ''I feel it is completely wrong to draw the Queen's representative into this disaster area.
"It is quite clear that most local people and organisations are boycotting the building in disgust at either the highhanded way the council ignored the public or at the sky-high rental charges.
"Only commercial for-profit organisations are using it for their own ends - it is far from being a community building.
"Even the county council thinks it a joke as I have it on record (witnessed by a senior police officer) that a senior council officer called it a 'souped-up public convenience'.
"Joke it may be but it has cost us the best part of a million pound to create and will cost the council 100,000 a year in running cost losses. What a shower."

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