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Some positive signals from Town Hall's new owners

(February 14, 2012)
THERE have been a few encouraging signs that the new owners of Warminster Town Hall are serious about doing something positive with the building.
They are believed to have held meetings with Russell Brown, the conservation officer from Wiltshire Council this week with a view to obtaining listed building consent.
Ridding the building of its pigeon tenants and their guano will be a first priority and once permission is obtained we can expect to see scaffolding erected while necessary work is undertaken on the exterior.
Steve Dancey, who has taken an interest in the buiding over many years said: ''There is at least a glimmer of hope that the building may have a slightly brighter future although deeds rather than words are what we need.
"As a former colleague of mine used to say 'fine words butter no parsnips'.
''At least we appear to be rid of convicted offender Peter Caldwell - good riddance to him."
 The new owner is a corporate limited liability company - Old Town Hall Development Ltd
"As a Warminster person it does rather grate on me when some people call it the Old Town Hall - historically inaccurate and rather insulting," added Steve.
The Town Hall has stirred the imagination of another community campaigner who is excited by the prospect of a vibrant future for the blighted landmark building.
"I recall a conversation with someone who said on this day many years ago at a Valentine's Day dance he proposed marriage there," adds Paul.
"He would happily marry her again today!"
"There is no doubt in my mind that this building can have a bright future with a combination of municipal, public and private support.
"As the campaigners who put this issue to the forefront in 2008 I hope that we are asked to work with the new owners on this. They may be interested in our ideas."

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