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Ruby's - A new name in the town centre

(March 04, 2012)
A NEW name has appeared on an old establishment on Town Hall Hill in the centre of Warminster.
The restaurant formerly known as Jacqueline's and before that Haggerty's is now trading as Ruby's.
The change runs to much more than the sign as the whole place has been repainted and has a much more welcoming feeling.
The opening hours are also much more in tune with what people want and start with breakfast from 8am and run through the day until around 9pm.
The new business is run by a team led by Hilary Smith, who is a familiar face to many as she also works in the Co-op pharmacy in The Cornmarket.
Paul and Steve dropped in for coffee on Sunday morning and were very impressed with the look of the place, the ethos and, of course, the menu.
Hilary said: "We've been very encouraged by the first week's trading. It is all going very well."
There's a staff of nine, including a full time chef who used to work a The Old Bell - so he knows Warminster's tastes.
Steve said: "At a time of uncertainty, both nationally because the European economic situation and locally, because of the destruction caused by Wiltshire Council's crazy parking charges and High Street 'improvement', it is good to see people risking their own money in starting a new venture which will bring additional employment.
"I think Ruby's is on the right track and deserves success."
Rather confusingly the business employs two Michelle's but no Ruby!

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