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Resident's challenge to Wiltshire Council on off-street parking fiasco

(April 15, 2012)
Time for Wiltshire Motorists to make a stand - from Warminster resident Nick Domkowski ..
" It's high time, we as motorists make a stand against an Arrogant Wiltshire council and demand two hour free car parking across all their "virtually empty" car parks to increase trade to local traders from local residents, to overcome their determination to kill off trade in all of Wiltshire's historic towns.
I'm not asking much but I'd clearly like to see a two hour free parking tariff across all of Wiltshire offered across the table and would hope they would think long and hard and accept the small request as a gesture, as already the burden , we already have to pay the annual road tax as it is ..
If lobbying isn't going to shift their stance or they fail to listen to the democratic voice of the people, then a peaceful demonstration by means of a motorists blockade to all entrances/ exits to council offices may be the only action sought to bring about immediate change to their unprofitable parking policy.
Thus the blockade, they will have no alternative but to park their company cars in supermarket car parks because they like us would refuse to pay.
Mine is a solution to help the masses against the small minority where the problem lies entirely at the corporate doors of those in nice cosy and warm plush furnished carpeted offices paid for by us the tax payer, when everything else like public services are ruthlessly cut back with out a conscience or care for anyone's livelihood .
So Come On WILTSHIRE COUNCIL ....isn't it about time you Lived up to your Motto "Where Everybody Matters"!!!!!
Steve Dancey adds: "This is a sign of public antipathy toward Wiltshire Council which seems totally out of touch with the public on this issue.
"Neighbouring Test Valley Borough Council, which runs 3,000 off-street spaces in Andover and Romsey already has this policy in operation and offers free parking to all after 4pm.
''Our elected councillors don't seems to be able to appreciate that they are helping to kill our town centres - maybe time to involve our local MPs?"

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