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HOT SNIPPTZ - WCR, Warminster Festival and Just who is behind the other Warminster Websites?

(July 29, 2012)
WCR in Warminster gives a new meaning to the acronym IT that usually means Information technology. Warminster Community Radio has gone live on FM this year but for many years was only available on the internet to the general public outside of an annual 28 day licence.
  "I spend quite a bit of time during the week on the internet as I work on posting hot topics on vfw or even sending letters to the daily papers which never get published I do enjoy having WCR playing in the background," says Paul Macdonald.
  "It is my own favourite and IT now means 'I Tune-in' very locally As I write this they are playing Pink Floyd. My car radio has it tuned into button 6 but only because for ease of memory 1 is Radio One and so on."
  Warminster Festival is a biennial event that so far is little publicised. The event that was one of the major success stories of the late Mayor Joan Mayor now has a website
  Chaired by Jill Flanders there is already a colourful brochure to look through. Those of a competitive nature who are photographers or Poets have a chance to take part if they cough up a entry fee.
  The events for the diary include a day in the park on Saturday October 6th which includes 'Go Bustards'.
  "My personal must not miss will be on Wednesday 10th of October at the Athenaeum," says Paul Macdonald. "A film about Aung San Suu Kyi."
 Warminster Websites provide a welcome introduction to the vibrancy of the town and the freedom of speech that is enjoyed on the internet. One,, is not the only one that comments on local affairs. There are others.
  "Steve and myself at vfw are well known and therefore are easily approachable by our community to chat over what we have written about and comment on our vision and occasionally we take some good spirited flak," says Paul Macdonald.
  "I am constantly being asked about others that are available without the local author being named. I do not give an opinion about the content of those websites. My view is that is wrong as it does not give colour and texture to what they are publishing."

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