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Weekday Film Premiere Success

(October 11, 2012)

 The showing of the film about the pro-democracy Nobel peace prize winner Aung Suu Suu Kyi has delighted her Warminster family and friends.

 The Athenaeum Theatre attracted scores of local people to join a special guest and others that had jetted in from Australia and Hong Kong (see hot topic 10th October).

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 It all went so well," said Lucinda Phillps, "Lots of people came and we greeted them at the door and and showed them the big exhibition of books that I had brought."

 It was much more than just an evening at the pictures. The theatre stage was the perfect setting for the director of the film who had flown in from Denmark to speak about it.

 "I introduced Anne-Gyrithe Bonne to the audience before it was shown who then gave her account of how she did the film," explained Lucinda.

 "Her initial idea and how she then met me and how she then changed the film to be about Suu and my brother and Michael."

 The festival event then had another bonus for the 100 strong audience - a question and answer session after the lights were turned up.

 "We laid on food afterwards," said Lucinda. "So we had more time to talk."

 As well £6 ticket money helping towards the Warminster Festival coffers a collection raised over £150 to go to the Burma Appeal.

 "The people of Warminster have always been following what is going on in Burma," said Lucinda. "They stop me in the street whenever there is news."

 "Twenty years ago local people raised enough money to build a cyclone shelter for Burmese refugees in Bangladesh through the support of the Agra Restaurant.

 "Thank you so much for your support."

 Photo -The Mayor of Warminster Rob Fryer (right) welcomes Danish film maker Anne Gyrithe Bonne to the provincial premiere of her film about Lucinda Phillips' sister-in-law and Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

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