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Who is watching those watching you?

(October 15, 2012)

 Town councillors are being asked to explain to the public why the committee responsible for CCTV cameras has stopped meeting after its last minute states that there was a 'lively debate'.

 An e-mail has been sent to the local authority which runs the ever expanding system covering areas of two towns.

'Dear Cllr. Fraser,
 I write to you as you chaired the last minuted meeting of the town council CCTV committee in March.
 Can you please tell me why no further meetings have been held as I believe that due to the very sensitive nature of having cameras watching public activity this committee is very important?
  I cannot find where or when the next meeting is scheduled to occur. Thanking you for your attention to this. Yours sincerely Paul Macdonald.'

 "I await the reply with interest," says Paul. "It seems to me that to lose all that experience built up by this committee which included important representatives from outside the council is not a good thing.

 "In terms of council expenditure this is a huge investment and annual running cost. It is also important to know why it was suddenly decided to stop holding meetings.

 "The council are quick enough to issue some news."

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