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Rock Lane morale is Rock Bottom

(October 23, 2012)

 Residents of a lane in Warminster whose only way out on to a busy main road is a life-threatening and nerve wracking experience at certain times of the day having won the argument two years ago are still no safer.

 "In June 2010 I reported the concerns of local people who live in Rock Lane to the Wiltshire Council," said former councillor Paul Macdonald (see hot topic - June 10th 2010).

 "Since then we have had to see it go through a street parking review process which delayed the decision. Then it had to be considered for yellow lines.

 "This was agreed but then it had to go through the legal system. This was done."

 In July this year, more than two years after action was called for the community campaigner rattled off another demand that the yellow lines should be painted (Hot topic - 25th July 2012).

 "The answer from a council officer was that the bad weather was probably the cause and that the lines should appear in August or September," added an exasperated Paul.

 "I tackled our ward councillor Andrew Davis who added the excuse that the lining team had to do the route of the olympic torch first!

 "I told him that morale was at rock bottom about all this. It was becoming a farce."

 The problem has resulted in many near misses and a couple of months ago one resident said he had given up and predicted that the yellow lines would still not be there when he moved away in November.

 "I welcome the new dropped kerbs at St. George's Close complete with yellow lines but why if they were just around the corner from here could they not have done Rock Lane at the same time!" said Paul.

 "And now we are going to see the situation get a lot worse as St. John's school is now expanding to teach a lot more children. It can only lead to parking the other side of the road as well now."

 "I have had the response 'I am chasing the signing and lining technicians to see where we are in their system and when the work is going to be done, I will get back to you.' from an area board officer.

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