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Pixie Fireworks Party Surprise

(November 09, 2012)

 The welcome home party for troops  in Warminster back from Afghanistan had an extra special finale as local residents opened their curtains or stepped outside to enjoy a fireworks display.Welcome Home Fireworks 001Pixie Lott

 The evening event at the Battlesbury Barracks was just loud enough for passers-by to hear what sounded like a live performance from a pop star and word started to spread.

Inside the camp the ranks were completely surprised when a pop star famous for her 2009 hit song took to the microphone. The off duty soldiers were soon showing their appreciation.

Pixie Lott, who launched the 'Poppy Appeal' at a free Welcome Home firewroks 002concert at Trafalgar Square, was soon also being mentioned on the local estate.

Her performance was followed by a very loud fanfare.

The fireworks display that then started lasted about 15 minutes lighting up the sky close to The Dene but seen and heard much further away.

 "What a lovely display it was," said Dene resident Ruth Dew. "It was a great view from the bedroom window."

 A resident of Queensway described the display as 'awesome' and it was even enjoyed by a family living as far away as St. John's Road.

 "It was really spectacular and once locals realised that it was not just another Guy Fawkes thing but a 'welcome back guys' celebration they all gave it a big thumbs-up," said Paul Macdonald.

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