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Queensway Rec - The 'Rock of Ages Saga -

(February 23, 2013)

Six Months Later

Safety matting should be an uplifting sight to parents as their children play at Queensway Rec but the only uplifting sight has been the state of surface around the play equipment used by toddlers.

The matting that has been in a bad state of repair since last summer was reported to Wiltshire Council six months ago by community campaigner Paul Macdonald.

"Ironically I had made a note to chase this up in time for the hoped for nice days beginning in March and then I received a message that the work had now been scheduled," says Paul.

Rock Lane Saga

Local residents increasingly face paying the price for the Tory coalition cutbacks and the new local government control of what happens, one of the co-authors for

"Forget British Rail leaves on the line this beggars belief," Says Paul Macdonald.

Paul, a former town and district coiuncillor says that in return for Wiltshire Council becoming a unitary council it cannot cope with the day to day issue that should be resolved within months if not weeks.

"Three to four metres or in my my view a couple of more yards than that are desperately needed at Rock Lane for less than a gallon of yellow paint," says Paul.

"I think something is now going to happen as a smidgeon of yellow paint has appeared indicating where the yellow lines should be but what a shambles this shows the local government re-organisation has once again become."

*Paul reported this issue over two years ago - see numerous hot topics

*The yellow lines were eventually painted on Friday 1st March 2013

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