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Up and Coming Community Collective

(March 31, 2013)

  Warminster residents are being encouraged to join a 'community collective' of independent campaigners to give an alternative to the entrenched Tory party poltiics that has dominated municipal activity for nearly twenty years.

  Paul Macdonald, the former district and town councillor for Warminster East, said that 'the current strategy for the future of the town is past its sell-by date', at a series of breakfasts with those interested in the initiative.

  Paul, who along with former county councillor Steve Dancey, launched the vfw website over five years ago, and just before the worldwide economy went wayward, hav been a keen advocate of preserving all that is best about the town.

  The two co-authors have not only campaigned to preserve the influence of 'Lord Bath' on the town but have also won over others seeing their ideas adopted by one of the largest schoolds in the county.

  "We tried to hold the town council to account using the first ever parish poll to be conducted here about the largesse spent of what Steve calls 'Tirana Hall', "explains Paul.

  "Somehow one parish poll at Bradford-on avon got a fair crack at the whip with their parish poll at the hands of Wiltshire Council but we di not," said Paul Macdonald.

  "We had a full page advert planned for the Warminster Journal and we would have invited the town council to have half of it to put forward their case to spend a 'mega-loan' on the assembly rooms.

  "We argued that the money would have been better spent on the Town Hall, Dewey House'' a review of all community assets in our town', and a say from our young residents.

  "But our parish poll was processed differently so that we missed the wobbly J deadline by a day to advertise it - two weeks differently from Bradford-on-avon!"

  The parish poll was an outstanding win for visionforwarminster with the then Mayor Cllr. Tony Nicklin saying they would 'abide' by the result which was recorded completely independtly by

  "We as a community are in a position after six years to put forward a collective of independent minded candidates who have read our vision saying we can make a postive contribution as town councillors," said Paul Macdonald.

  "Our campaign needs a team spirit based on local knowledge which can debate the future of town in councill chamber founded on all that is good about Warminster as its building blocks not what outsiders want to grab."

  On Tuesday (avoiding April Fool's Day) the vfw community collective will be launched for all those interested in contributing to our campaign.

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