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People Power Rallying Call

(May 10, 2013)

  Another national property developer has been told in no uncertain terms that are not wanted in the town of Warminster as they tried to exhibit their plans for land behind a grade one listed church.

  Redrow Homes plans to develop land behind Minster Church, home to major civic services including most recently one held for the locally based regiment which returned from Afghanistan, were continuously criticised by locals.

  "This is one of the worst examples of development gone mad that has surfaced in the last twelve months," says newly elected town councillor Paul Macdonald.

  "Redrow Homes have already lodged their objection to the Wiltshire Council plans that take us up to 2026 demanding more housing on this side of town in addition to the 900 already suggested.

  "I was the first member of the public to turn up at 1pm but within minutes another dozen had turned up all with the same message.

  "This is just not on and will be strongly opposed."

  Just five boards illustrated in words and diagrams their plan to cram 70 homes either side of Dorothy Walk.

  "I informed them that this area is known historically as Church Meadows and that it floods and that part of the site is in a flood zone that has to be monitored by a flood warden.

  "I said that the egress proposed into Bath Road would be totally unsafe. Their response was that they would carry out a speed survey.

  "They were only just aware that they were planning to build on an ancient settlement. They were unaware of subsidence problems.

  "They tried to defend driving a road through Dorothy Walk as an emergency access when challenged by another member of the public.

  "They dismissed spoiling the views and the setting of Minster Church which they mistakenly describe as Grade Two listed."

  It did not take long for more and more locals to take over from Paul in raising their objections.

  As the afternoon wore on more and more objectors turned up. Several of them told Paul earlier in the day that they plan to start a Save Dorothy Walk Action Group which can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected].

  The campaign got off to a flying start long before Redrow Homes organised their exhibition with a petition containing 478 names already having been lodged with the local council.

  'People Power Is Paramount To Our Cause' is the rallying call on their recent leaflet alerting locals to the Assembly Hall booking between 1pm and 6pm which drew further criticism of the company. 


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