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Dorothy Walk Poem

(May 24, 2013)

minsterThe Save Dorothy Walk Protest Song and Poem - ‘Paradise Lost’?

Sung to the tune – Oh what a beautiful morning

There’s a bright golden haze on the meadows

There are deer bats and frogs in the meadows

Spring grass grows quite high, where the cattle do lie

But it looks like we may soon be saying bye bye…..

Oh what a miserable prospect, oh what a really sad thought,

Redrow is wanting to build, all around Dorothy Walk…..

There’s a warm summer breeze in the meadows,

Through the lofty tall trees by the meadows,

Folks love to stroll, along Dorothy Walk,

Near the stream, while dogs play, local friends meet and talk….

Beautiful ancient church meadows, will suffer a huge big scar,

From Cold Harbour Lane through to Portway,

This madness is going too far…..

In the autumn it’s lush in the meadows, the trees shedding their leaves in the meadows.

But it is so wet, and creates lots of mud

And the ground, a rare wetland, is now in full flood!

The back of the church will suffer, an ugly great blot o’er the land

Many new houses are threatened, so we must all take a stand….

In the winter it’s bare in the meadows, while nature just rests in the meadows,

So forget this plan, then we’ll be full of glee,

Each season we love it, so just leave it be……

Think of the fumes and pollution, and even more traffic sounds,

From these unwelcome buildings, over these beloved grounds…..

So look to another solution, there must be another solution,

For Dorothy’s ghost will have nowhere to walk…

Act now dearest folks, stop all this building talk…..

In this gorgeous haven, a canker will spread o’er the land,

Dorothy Walk is so pretty, and all the trees are so grand…..

Past the old Minster Church, through the old fashioned track,

The Sacred Grove will be ruined, so get this mad scheme off our back…..

They’ll cut through the trees and old mounds, doing this all by force,

Hack down our trees and our footpath, mess up the true water course…..

Look to another solution, there must be some other way,

If this carbuncle happens, it will be our blackest day…..

Not too far in the future, alas alack alas,

Another bypass will be needed, to bypass the bypass – what a farce!

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