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Maternity Unit Pregnant Period Worries

(July 04, 2013)

    Fears that pregnant mums in difficulty may have to be rushed twenty miles to Bath instead of ten miles to Trowbridge are still causing concern as a Warminster councillor asked for urgent investigation.

   "There is a rumour which has now been confirmed circulating amongst councillors at county hall that the Maternity Unit at Trowbridge will close this month.," Cllr Paul Macdonald revealed to Warminster residents today

  "I have have contacted the Mayor of Warminster asking the town council to investigate the lack of consultation and bring the issue to the next full meeting on Monday July 15th," explained Paul

  "It is the day it could shut its doors to our pregnant mums."

  The new town council elected in May this year, alerted by Paul,  sprang into action and got a response from the Head of Maternity at the Great Western Health Trust.

  "It goes like this but I am not happy and will still ask for the town council to take a strong interest in this at their next full town council meeting.," adds  Cllr Paul Macdonald.  

  It has been confirmed that 'birthing deliveries will transfer to other centres, between 13th July and 29th September to cover long term sickness and holidays whilst a team of six new midwives are being recruited and inducted' is the official line.

  'Letters should be going out to mothers and stakeholders shortly. All other activities at the Trowbridge Birthing Unit will continue'.

  "Today is the 4th July," criticises Cllr. Macdoanld. "Closure in a few days after. Letters going out shortly. Not good enough. Mums and Dads should be together at the birth of their chlidren." 

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