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'Shame on You' Councillor Expenses

(July 26, 2013)

 The shock factor of the amount of money that Wiltshrie councillors get as allowances and expenses will be examined again this summer as their councillors defend the use of an 'independent review'.

 "I was unsuccessful in my attempt to get elected as an unitary councillor this year but I will ask Andrew Davis who got in by just a few votes ahead of me on the Wiltshire Council to take forward one of my election pledges," says top of the poll town councillor Paul Macdonald.

  "I pledged to see that the seven-per-cent annual increase they have enjoyed is reduced by the same amount each year for the next four years," says Paul.

 "The severe redundancy programme at county hall needs to be seen by the ordinary person on the street with a recognition that those counciillors who had a role in all of that are willing to play their part.

 "It will be an absolute outrage if they for their next four years as Wiltshie councillors accept an increase. It will be a case of 'shame on you'."  

 Wiltshire Council is now under pressure to find millions of pounds in savings and have taken major decisions without using 'Independent' advice'.

 Paul is a town councillor who gets no allowances and very minimal expenses if he should claim for his role as a member of the town council.



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