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Former county council member wants a farm worker' cottage - complete with orangery

(August 27, 2013)

FORMER Wiltshire councillor John Robins has raised hackles at the local AONB caucus by asking for a new agricultural worker's cottage at his farm in Longbridge Deverill.

Mr Robins, who was the member for Upper Wylye Valley electoral division between 1989 and 1997, has caused annoyance because of the scale of the proposed property and because it includes an orangery.

Planners have recommended refusal of th scheme because of it scale in the area of outstanding natural beauty.

Steve Dancey, said: "I dislike the stupid rules in AONBs which preserve the look of rural areas but sap their lifeblood by restricting commerce and the rural economy.

"Usually I would be all for development in these dried up rural communities but I think farmer Robins has gone too far by applying for such a big development at Manor Farm.

"The only person who could possibly get away with an orangery is Lord Bath - oh I think he has already done that!!!"


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