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Objection to the Redrow development at The Minster Church

(November 11, 2013)

Cllr Steve Dancey has lodged his objection to the Redrow development behind the Minster Church.

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Ward member's Objection to planning application 13/05089/FUL

(Dorothy WalK, Warminster)

Dear Mr Wilmott
The proposed development of land in the vicinity of Warminster's most important and and cherished building (the Minster church) is probably the most upsetting and inappropriate application I have seen in this town in more than 25 years' involvement in local government.
This is a much-loved part of Warminster and the proposal to build here is akin to building on the water meadows portrayed in Constable's most famous view of Salisbury Cathedral.
In fact this 2* listed building is significantly older than the cathedral.
Many local people (including my own) have family members buried in the churchyard and would be upset to see the serenity of the area ruined by modern ugly housing.
The developers are also showing the weakness of their case by attempting to push this through before the formal adoption of the Core Strategy. While having reservations about the strategy it offers the best development template for Warminster in the circumstances. 

I would suggest two formal grounds of objection
1. The land is outside the settlement boundary and is not included in the emerging core strategy or in any existing development plan. The developers of the Warminster urban expansion have assured that they can bring their site on in sufficient time and there are more than sufficient housing allocations available in the upcoming plan period (200 excess I understand). It is neither wanted or required.
2. The land is contiguous with the Grade 2* listed Minster church. Any development of the site would have a detrimental impact on the setting of a building of established importance, would devalue its amenity visually and inevitably modern buildings would be out of keeping with it.
There are also problems of access and drainage which I'm sure many other people will bring forward in great detail.
I would therefore be very surprised if Wiltshire Council thought this a suitable site for development and would urge members to reject the application and support their own officers' view as set out in the emerging core strategy.
Councillor Steve Dancey
(Independent - Warminster East ward)

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