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Well-deserved award for Chris March

(November 20, 2013)

  Warminster’s councillors had great pleasure in presenting this year’s Civic Award to ex-councillor Chris March at the full council meeting on 18November.

  Councillor George Jolley said: "Over the past 23 years Chris has devoted his time to the people of Warminster, both in his capacity as a town councillor from 1991 to 2013, serving as Mayor in 2001–2002, and has been involved in many committees, including: the Civic Trust, Warminster and Villages Development Trust, the Economy and Tourism Group, Warminster Preservation Trust, Friends of Warminster Park, Friends of Warminster Hospital and the Governing Body of Kingdown School.

"He has also been a long-term supporter of the MS Centre in Warminster.

wetsb"Chris has worked tirelessly to improve the fabric of the town. His efforts with the Warminster Environmental Team Services (WETS pictured with George and  Steve)  have contributed greatly to enhancing the environment of the town centre areas and he has been passionate about preserving the appearance of our heritage buildings, campaigning for many years to bring the old town hall back into public ownership. Chris’s devotion to the people and town of Warminster make him a worthy winner of this award."

Chris March was surprised and delighted to receive the award, saying that he had made some great friends in the 30 years that he had been in Warminster. He had been involved in a great number of charities and other organizations, and was particularly pleased to see continuing efforts being made to bring Warminster Town Hall back into public use. His efforts in the community had taught him many things, but in particular he had learnt it was important ‘to be your own person and don’t expect everyone to agree with you . . . because they won’t!’

Steve Dancey added: "A well deserved award and for once it was a complete secret. Chris had no idea he was about to get the award and was looking round wondering who on earth they were talking about."

Paul Macdonald said: "We both got elected on to the former West Wiltshire District council at the same time in 1991.

"His laconic style hid a quiet determination to get the best for our town.

"The most amusing moment that I recall was when he repeatedly talked about a 'huge erection' at a planning meeting.

"He was then nonplussed when he sat down to see councillors stiflling laughter when they should of had serious faces having heard his words.

"If there was one regret from the election results this year it was that Chris lost his town council seat.

"The good thing for Warminster is that he was not just a councillor but wore so many other civic hats as well.

"A truly well deserved award."

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